Online Marketing for Tourism Business

5 simple questions to determine if this is the right site for you…

1. Do you discover that when you type in your hotel or business name in the search engine, somebody else’s site comes up first? 

2. Do you have to keep reducing your rates on the internet to compete against other hotels or supermarket discount style websites? 

3. Do you find that corporate and business travellers book leisure rates? 

4. Does your website have old rates and information, and it takes ages to get anything changed on it? 

5. Do you struggle with online booking, credit card security and quick email response?

We’ve built Online Marketing for Hotels as an extension of our own business, which is driven 100% through the internet. With more that 50 years combined experience we are one of the leaders for Internet marketing in the hospitality and leisure industry.

In todays world the vast majority of people do research on Hotels online, So Reputation Management for Hotels online is critical. We have now developed a dedicated team to help with hotels reputation online.

Travel remains the Internet’s second largest business and it is set to grow to $14.5 billion and growing. All recently published statistics on Internet sales, confirm that travel and in particular airline tickets and accommodation, represents almost 50% of all Internet transactions worldwide.