Websites should do more than look pretty!

Total Marketing Solution for Hotels

Peapod is a website that enables you to exploit all the four Ps of marketing. That means you can really position your hotel on the web, which may be the most important single source of customers for you.

Peapod allows you to manage prices across the season, distribution to other websites and electronic channels, the words and pictures that appear on your pages and the complete reservation process.


Everybody knows prices need to change across the season, but many web systems make price changing difficult and so you lose customers. Peapod allows you to flex prices whenever you need to


Peapod allows you to manage your online promotion whether it be advertising or search engine position


In the old days, it was enough to sell bed and breakfast rates. In today’s market, price competition requires that you differentiate yourself by creating and marketing new products


The web may be important as a channel to market but it cannot replace travel agents and other intermediaries who need access to price and availability information. Peapod allows you to manage this information.